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Silhouette Guide - HoN Hero Guides

Heroes of Newerth Hero Guides: Silhouette

Hero Name: Silhouette
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Attribute: Agility
Introduced: HoN 2.0.26

Silhouette is an AGI hero on the Legion Side.

Silhouette's Background Story:
An orphaned child, Silhouette trained in the Hidden Village of the Scout, working hard towards her goal to become the greatest assassin in Newerth. Unlike her fellow scouts, she was loud, boisterous, and most of all, simply not stealthy. Yet what she lacked in subtlety was made up for with heart, attitude, and the ability to conjure a perfect mirror image of herself. Believe it!

Silhouette Skills Guide

Silhouette Skill # 1: Death Lotus

Deadly blades orbit Silhouette like lotus petals. She may cause them to splinter outwards, scything through enemy ranks.

Silhouette Skill # 2: Tree Grapple

Silhouette's trusty grappling hook allows her to perform jaw-dropping combat feats, zipping from tree to tree and knocking enemies into stupor with tree trunks.

Silhouette Skill # 3: Relentless Salvo

Silhouette's attacks pepper the target, adding power with each consecutive attack. She will also take opportunities to throw out a burst of attacks after performing one of her abilities.

Silhouette Skill # 4: Shadow (Ultimate)

Creates a sub-ability which allows Silhouette to swap locations with the Shadow.

What is your suggested Silhouette Hero and Item Build?

Silhouette Trivia:
Silhouette's back story is based on the Japanese Anime character, Naruto.

Watch Newerth's Video Spotlight on Silhouette
Silhouette wants to be the greatest ninja of Newerth. She has a lot of competition.

3 discussions:

TapDatKill said...

My 2nd game as silhouette was a matchmaking game and we won.. my score was i think 10-2-6.

Early game I would get gloves of the swift and runes. Then finish steamboots and go straight for thunderclaw. Or even before thunderclaw get shroud if needed.

Mid game I would get firebrand and finish charged hammer. Once finished i would get geo's bane. Geo's bane is recommended for silhouette as she would be dominating dps with having 3 illusions and herself (ultimate)

Late game I would get savage mace and wingbow.. Depending on their team wingbow should usually come first... if they have more magic based attacks then savage would come first.

Final Items - Post Haste or Ghost marchers
Shroud or Charged Hammer
RiftShards or Sheild Breaker
Geo's Bane
Savage Mace

Late game

Anonymous said...

and you have how much hp? lol

Anonymous said...

in ur final items list it said post haste or ghost marchers... where did the steam boots go? wouldnt it will be just a waste of money to change boots late game?

as for me, early game i have 2 duck boots (will buy shield on side shop later) 1xrune, 1x hp pots, and 2 minor tots... just harass early game or take bloodlust if i have stunner in lane with me... (i always take 2nd skill as first skill) the idea is to stay in lane up to level 6... and then just buy tp... cast ulti, tp home to buy items then ulti back in lane...
by level 7 my skill would be:
max death lotus
1 tree grapple
1 salvo
1 ulti.

once i have max salvo i can just go to farm site and lane to save money for items...

final items would be:
ghost marchers
shield breker
savage mace or charged hammer (i prefer savage coz of high damage output and the ministun)

null if there is too many nukers...

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